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January 31, 2011

Kim Kardashian Makeup Looks I Love!

So I am a true fan of Kim Kardashian and I love her style and of course makeup looks! She is a beautiful women and I am totally hooked on her reality shows…=) Here are some of my FAVORITE Kim Kardashian Makeup Looks i wanted to share with you all!kim Kardashian Makeup Looks

kim Kardashian Makeup Looks

kim Kardashian makeup Looks


Kim Kardashian’s Makeup Artist is Mario Dedivanovic. Mario started off his career as a fragrance consultant and worked his way up through the beauty industry. He is known for his ways to creating a flawless face. He is an expert at sculpting, highlighting, and blending. Mario has become one of the worlds best and most well-known makeup artist!

Who’s makeup looks do you love?


Love always, Veronica<3

January 31, 2011

Banana Cleanser & Mask!

Hi Everyone! It’s Monday you all know what that means…the start to a new week. So every monday I like to start off by giving my face a new skincare remedy. You should all try this amazing Banana Cleanser & Mask!

Bananas are full of Vitamin C, A, B6, and B12. Plus they contain Potassium and magnesium. This is why Bananas are so nutritional for your skin and body!Banana & Honey Cleanser

Heres how to make it:
Mash up a very ripe banana.
Add just enough honey to make a soft pulp. (about 1-2 teaspoons)
Apply all over face and let it sit for 20 minutes
Then rinse off with cool water. Pat skin dry.

This is one of my favorite cleanser & masks. It leaves your skin feeling fabulous! What a better way to start off this week then by having a flawless face! This is such a great firming mask that movie stars have been known to put in the cups of their bras to make their breasts “perky“!

I recommend you all to try this! Let me know if you like it? What is your favorite homemade skincare remedies? Tell me!=)

Love, Veronica<3

January 30, 2011

What is Argan Oil?

argan oilArgan Oil is produced from the Argan trees in Morocco and has been used for centuries by the Moroccan women. This oil is full of Vitamin E and Essential Fatty Acids. This is why it is an amazing source in cosmetics and in anti-aging properties. It has an incredible power to heal and repair the skin. Argan Oil has twice as much Vitamin E than your usual Olive Oil because it contains antioxidants. It has been said “It is a cosmetic so good and pure you could eat it. Literally!

I started using Argan Oil after Josie Maran introduced her line, which by the way uses Argan in almost all her products. Her entire cosmetic line is sold at Sephora and her 100% Organic Argan Oil runs for about $48. This is definitely a steel! It will last you forever and is totally multi-purpose. Here are some of the great ways you can use this BEAUTY:Josie Maran Argan Oil

1. Can be used to soften dry skin anywhere on your body or face.

2. Can help heal acne, blemishes, and scarring.

3. Can help minimize and smooth fine lines.

4. Can soften cuticles.

5. Can help split ends.

6. It is even safe to use it on babies.

Want to know how I use it?…

-I apply a couple drops into my Josie Maran Tinted Moisturizer to give me that healthy glow and radiant skin.

-I apply a couple drops on my scalp before the shower and leave it in my hair for about 20-25 minutes to reduce a dry and flaky scalp.

-I even use it on my elbows and knees as moisturizer.

I lOVE ARGAN OIL! I believe it should be a part of everyone’s must have list! =)

Do you have any other interesting ways you use this? Tell me!