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February 24, 2011

Avocado Mask!

avocado homemade mask

Hi everyone,

Recently I have been experiencing dry skin on my face and I honestly think it’s this ugly, unpredictable weather! So I decided to give myself a avocado treatment by making this mask. It’s fabulous for dry skin and I honestly recommend you all to try it!

avocado homemade mask

Here is how you make it:

Mash up a ripe avocado, smooth it onto your face, and leave on for about 20 minutes, finally rinse off with warm water.

Quick Tip: While your doing this put some avocado in your hair! Rub it into your entire hair and let it also sit for about 20 minutes. This will condition your hair and give it healthy, beautiful shine! I love it:)

If you all didn’t already know avocados are a great source of potassium, which will help regulate blood pressure. They are not only delicious, they help to better the skin!


Love, Veronica<3

February 18, 2011

How to Save $$ on Beauty Products!

Hi everyone,

So I was pretty bored the other day and decided to calculate how much I have spent on beauty products at Sephora alone…and realized it is more than necessary! I have approximately spent $576 in a six month’s period!! This is insane! I am a beauty freak and I love trying new products. This calculation was just Sephora itself…I also shop at Target, Nordstrom, Beauty shops, and of course pay up to $100 to get my hair colored every two months! So do you all realize how much we are spending on BEAUTY PRODUCTS alone?! I’am sure some of you may be spending more than me or less but, if we sit and calculate how much we are spending on beauty we would realize it’s probably one of the most  we spend on. Because of this I have started shopping more cautiously and have put together a list of things & products we can all use to save our $$!!

coconut oilMoisturizer for Face/Body: Coconut Oil, this is sold at the market and it works so amazingly well! I love coconut oil and this is a must on my list. It leaves your face and body feeling so soft and glowing. I know many of the people I have talked to don’t like it because it is an oil so it leaves your face and body oily but, just let it sit on your skin for about 5-10 minutes and your skin will absorb it. No big deal! And if you have oily skin you can still use it…it will make such a difference in your life trust me! Dont go out and buy a $100 face moisturizer! They most likely contain bad ingredients anyways…this on the other hand, is Pure Virgin Coconut Oil and is completely safe and good for your skin!

dr. bronners castile soapBody Soap/Body Wash: Castile Soap, this is also found at the market and I recommend the Dr. Bronner’s brand. This soap is so gentle and contains no harmful ingredients in it. You can also use this to wash your face! It contains no toxic chemicals and trust me your skin will appreciate it!

302 skincare acne cleanserFace Cleanser: This one is a tough one! Since we are to cleanse our face twice a day I try to buy one with healthy ingredients in it but, it is a bit pricey not over the top but a bit more than any other product I use. I love the 302 cleanser! They have a great acne cleanser and since I am a combo/oily skin  I use that one too. The acne one I will use a week before I start my period so I can stop from getting acne during my period and the other one I use it regularly. This cleanser is  about $25 for 6oz. Another option is making your own homemade cleanser! Use Castile Soap, add 1tsp Cornmeal. Wet face, pour a little Castile Soap into the palm of your hand, and add cornmeal. Mix meal and soap into a lather, then wash your face, being careful to avoid the delicate skin around the eyes.

coconut oilMakeup Remover: Coconut Oil again, this is an excellent way to take off all your makeup at night! I have sworn to never go back to any other makeup remover! This works so well and removes EVERYTHING!!

Josie Maran Argan Oil Hair Treatment/Shine: Argan Oil, this is great for your hair. Apply a couple drops on your hand and rub into the tips of your hair after the shower. It contains nutrients and this will repair dry, damaged hair. You can also use Coconut Oil. Use the same exact way.

Egg MaskFacial Mask: Egg Yolk & Honey Mask, I have the recipe below on a previous post! Dont go spend $30 on a mask at a spa! Create your own at home..this egg & honey mask will tighten and firm your skin. It is also affordable.

sea salt scrubBody Scrub: Rub sea-salt all over your body and rinse with warm water! You can find sea-salt in health food stores and it is so much more effective and affordable compared to all other body scrubs sold at Sephora or Target.

Burt's Bees BeeswaxLip Balm: Burt’s Bees Beeswax Chapstick, this is my favorite and works wonders!

lavender oil acne treatmentAcne Treatment: Add a couple drops of tea tree, lavender, or patchouli oil on the affected area. You can find these oils at Whole Foods or other health markets.

rose oil wrinkle treatmentWrinkle Treatment: Add rose, orange or patchouli oil on your wrinkles 2-3 times a week.

grapefruit oil cellulite treatment Cellulite Treatment: Add grapefruit, tangerine, or orange oil on the affected area.

stretch mark treatmentStretch Marks Treatment: Add palmarosa or neroli oil.

These are just some of the many beauty products you all can use to save money! They not only save your money but, they really work! I hope this helps and if I didn’t mention an alternative for anything you wanted, let me know what product I help you save money on??! Try these and let me know what you think of them? Do you have another great alternative for any of these categories..Tell me?


Love, Veronica<3

February 17, 2011

Foods to eat for a good night’s sleep!

Hi everyone,

So today in class my teacher gave us a list of all the right foods to eat for a good night’s sleep and I have to share it with you all! I always have such a hard time getting to sleep, falling asleep, and staying asleep. I wake up to any loud noise and if I am awaken by anyone or anything I cant go back to bed, which is so annoying. It is such a pain to have to take medication to try to get a great night’s sleep and by the way isn’t good for us to be popping pills every night! So why dont you all give this a try and see if it actually works. Do any of you have the same problem? Well hope that these yummy treats help you guys fall asleep!

food to eat for good sleepWarm Milk: This has an amino-acid called tryptophan, which acts like a sedative, and the calcium helps the body use it.

food to eat for good sleepOatmeal: Oats are rich in melatonin and are filling.

food to eat for good sleepHoney: You can add a bit of honey to sweeten tea or warm milk and this will help your brain switch off orexin, a neurotransmitter that helps keep you alert.

food to eat for good sleepTurkey: This is loaded with tryptophan and a couple of slices of turkey on whole wheat bread will help bring a restful night’s sleep.

food to eat for good sleepCheddar Cheese: This is also high in tryptophan.

food to eat for good sleepPotatoes: This cancels out the acids that can interfere with snooze inducing tryptophan.

food to eat for good sleepBananas: This contains magnesium to relax muscles, and also melatonin and serotonin as well.

food to eat for good sleepChamomile Tea: This is a long-time staple of teas formulated for drinking before bedtime. Chamomile acts as a mild sedative.

food to eat for good sleepWhole-Wheat Bread: Add a piece of toast to tea that’s sweetened with honey, and insulin will help convert tryptophan to serotonin.

food to eat for good sleepAlmonds: Heart healthy almonds also contain tryptophan and magnesium.

Love, Veronica<3

February 14, 2011

Homemade Mask!

Hi everyone,

Happy Valentines Day to all! So as we start our new week here is today’s must for great skin! This Egg Yolk & Honey Mask is great for sensitive skin! This is such a quick, easy, and affordable mask. I love this mask because it really improves the look and feel of my skin! Hope you all enjoy it!

Egg MaskEgg Yolk & Honey Mask

1 Egg yolk

1 Tablespoon honey

Mix together and spread on face & neck. Leave on for 20 minutes. Rinse with cool water. This mask is excellent for sensitive skin. The honey will give you a tingling/ticklish sensation. If you have really sensitive skin you can use the egg yolk alone.


Love, Veronica<3

February 10, 2011

Justin Bieber’s Never Say Never Premiere!!

Hey everyone,

So Tuesday I had the honor to attend this lovely premiere! It was full of so many incredible celebrities and of course one of those was Justin Bieber himself! He is such a talented young man and totally admire his fame. He started on social media and has now become one of the most powerful, talented, young men. His movie “Never Say Never” is amazing and is a huge inspiration to all people who have a dream! I think he is blessed with an amazing voice and enjoy that he is trying so hard to follow his dreams. I think that we all should never give up because one day life will give us a chance and wether that chance comes with many challenges we should never give up!

So with all of this chaos tuesday night I was so amazed at all the great fashion styles and makeup looks from his guests! Here are my favorite looks of the night….Selena Gomez at Justin Bieber's Never Say Never Premiere

Whitney Port

Kylie & Kendel

February 7, 2011

302 Skincare!

302 SkincareHi everyone,

So I just found out about this skincare line called 302 skincare and its amazing! All there products are fabulous and all contain great healthy ingredients. I am in love with it and felt the need to share it with you all.

Here’s a bit about the company:

302 Professional Skincare: A new molecule, a new science, a new you!

Welcome to a new philosophy of skin esthetics, a new technology and ultimately a visibly new you.

We take our name from a new compound from the rainforest, a natural promoter of skin metabolism, molecule 302. This chance discovery unfolded after an ethno-botanical research project in Central America revealed new secrets from the avocado.

Today these 302 insights light a new way to better skin.

As tantalizing as the research is, 302 products solve real world problems. Safe, natural, time-proven formulations target a desired outcome and achieve it.

Elegant, simple 302 regimes of outstanding value demonstrate the cutting edge of regenerative skin esthetics and science.

My top favorite products within 302 Skincare brand:

Face & Body Bar: It is a complete treatment in itself, softens skin and smooths unevenness – the unique formula does not dry skin or defat it – and is very effective where minor irritation is present. Use on sunburn, bug bites – any skin condition that needs immediate help. For skin that is prone to eczema, this cleanser is very effective in eliminating its visible signs.

Several 302 estheticians use this product exclusively on acne, especially for adolescent boys and young men who have back acne or participate in sports.302 face and body bar

Ointment RX: An effective moisturizing, healing solution for all sensitive skin; for raw, irritated skin, for inflamed and chronically sensitive skin, for sun protection and moisturizing – fragrance free, essential oil free. This is great for all of us girls that get acne on certain places on our face during our period. If you apply this a week before you get your period you can avoid acne!302 skincare ointment rx

Acne Cleanser: A preservative-free acne cleanser that uses USP sulfur to normalize skin functions and stop acne.  Best when alternated with Sensitive Cleanser or Face & Body Bar.302 skincare acne cleanser

Calming Mist: A light, moisturizing, all natural, organic based solution that instantly reduces discomfort of itching, and rapidly reduces visible skin redness and irritation.302 skincare calming mist

This brand really works! I encourage you all to try it!

Tell me about your skin and I can direct you towards the product that is right for you? If you have tried it tell me what did you try and do you like it?

Love, Veronica<3

February 7, 2011

Honey Almond Scrub!

Hi everyone,

So its time for your Monday homemade skincare remedy! As you all can see I will be posting a new homemade recipe every Monday for you all to try at home. These are all non-harmful and affordable skincare remedies! So start your new week by pampering yourself..=) almond homemade scrubhomemade honey scrub

Honey Almond Scrub:

2 tbsp Almonds

2 tsp milk

1/2 tsp flour

1/2 honey

*Grind almonds in a blender. Add milk, flour and honey, mixing until a thick paste is formed. Rub into skin, rinse with warm water.


Love, Veronica<3

February 6, 2011

Why Reading Ingredients Is So Important?

Cosmetics Hi everyone,

So I know reading ingredients on every label is pretty annoying and can make you feel like every product you review is bad because it contains all of these  words we cant even pronounce! But the truth is reading the labels on your cosmetics, skincare, shampoo & conditioner, and even food can turn your life around. It awares you of all the harmful ingredients in your daily products and once you are aware of some of all these ingredients you will understand why it is so important to read your labels. I Know it is a bit over the top but trust me as long as you are aware of them being in some of your everyday products you will thank yourself for reviewing what you are slathering on your face and hair everyday! The importance of reading ingredients is over shadowed and that is why companies dont make the effort and dont care to take out these harmful ingredients in all of our products.

So here are a couple of BAD ingredients:

1. Coal tar: Used in dandruff shampoos and anti-itch creams. Coal tar is a known carcinogen and coal tar based dyes such as FD&C blue 1, which are used in toothpastes, and FD&C green 3, which is used in mouthwash, should be avoided.

2. Fragrance:  This ingredient is used to mask hundreds of ingredients, including phthalates, which disrupt the endocrine system and could cause reproductive and development harm.

3. Aluminum: This is often found in eye shadow as a color additive and also used in deodorants, it is listed as carcinogenic, toxic and mutagenic.

4. Mineral Oils: They coat the skin like plastic, so it cannot breathe. They slow down the skin’s natural function and cell development, resulting in premature aging. They can also be contaminated with PAH which can be carcinogenic. They can be found in mascara, lotion, creams, foundation, and many other products. It appears on the label reading as Petroleum or Liquid Paraffin.

5. Parabens (methyl, ethyl, propyl, butyl, isobutyl): These are chemical preservatives that have been identified as estrogenic disruptive or normal hormone function. These will increase the risk of breast cancer.

6. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate (SLES): This is a foaming agent derived from coconut oil. It is found in a huge variety of skin care products including toothpaste, shampoo, bubble bath, and soap. The EWG considers it to be a carcinogen. Others say it is prone to contamination by 1,4-dioxane.

7. Polyethylene Glycol (PEG): PEG is a potential carcinogen that is used as a grease-dissolving cleaner and a thickener for skincare products. These chemicals are considered so toxic by the EWG that workers have to use protective clothing when handling these items. They can cause brain, liver, and kidney malfunctions. Also, watch for any others in the glycol family: Propylene Glycol, Isopropyl Alcohol, Butylenes Glycol.

8. Sodium Hydroxide: Is a harmful irritant and can be corrosive to skin and harmful to eyes. There are restrictions on how much can be used in cosmetic products. Labels must state “Keep out of reach of children”.

These are just some of the horrible ingredients that surround us everyday! So start reading your labels! You can find all of this information on: from a company called Safe Cosmetics to get the safety scoop on any product you are concerned about.

Love, Veronica<3