302 Skincare!

302 SkincareHi everyone,

So I just found out about this skincare line called 302 skincare and its amazing! All there products are fabulous and all contain great healthy ingredients. I am in love with it and felt the need to share it with you all.

Here’s a bit about the company:

302 Professional Skincare: A new molecule, a new science, a new you!

Welcome to a new philosophy of skin esthetics, a new technology and ultimately a visibly new you.

We take our name from a new compound from the rainforest, a natural promoter of skin metabolism, molecule 302. This chance discovery unfolded after an ethno-botanical research project in Central America revealed new secrets from the avocado.

Today these 302 insights light a new way to better skin.

As tantalizing as the research is, 302 products solve real world problems. Safe, natural, time-proven formulations target a desired outcome and achieve it.

Elegant, simple 302 regimes of outstanding value demonstrate the cutting edge of regenerative skin esthetics and science.

My top favorite products within 302 Skincare brand:

Face & Body Bar: It is a complete treatment in itself, softens skin and smooths unevenness – the unique formula does not dry skin or defat it – and is very effective where minor irritation is present. Use on sunburn, bug bites – any skin condition that needs immediate help. For skin that is prone to eczema, this cleanser is very effective in eliminating its visible signs.

Several 302 estheticians use this product exclusively on acne, especially for adolescent boys and young men who have back acne or participate in sports.302 face and body bar

Ointment RX: An effective moisturizing, healing solution for all sensitive skin; for raw, irritated skin, for inflamed and chronically sensitive skin, for sun protection and moisturizing – fragrance free, essential oil free. This is great for all of us girls that get acne on certain places on our face during our period. If you apply this a week before you get your period you can avoid acne!302 skincare ointment rx

Acne Cleanser: A preservative-free acne cleanser that uses USP sulfur to normalize skin functions and stop acne.  Best when alternated with Sensitive Cleanser or Face & Body Bar.302 skincare acne cleanser

Calming Mist: A light, moisturizing, all natural, organic based solution that instantly reduces discomfort of itching, and rapidly reduces visible skin redness and irritation.302 skincare calming mist

This brand really works! I encourage you all to try it!

Tell me about your skin and I can direct you towards the product that is right for you? If you have tried it tell me what did you try and do you like it?

Love, Veronica<3


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  1. Heyyyy have you tried it then? Is it good??

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