Egg & Olive Oil Hair Mask!

olive oil hair maskHi everyone,

Have dry hair? Well I do! I always struggle with my hair feeling dry and pretty dead. I am guilty of straightening my hair daily, blow drying it, and even using harsh chemicals on it. So I decided to try this egg & olive oil mask on my hair and I loved it. It really helped out. After using it my hair felt super soft and moisturized. I highly recommend this if you are struggling with dry hair! It even works if you have split ends.

Here is how to make it:

-2 eggs

-4 tablespoons olive oil

-Mix both ingredients together and apply onto hair

-Wrap the head with plastic wrap, Leave on 10-12 minutes

-Rinse off with luke warm water


Love, Veronica<3


11 Comments to “Egg & Olive Oil Hair Mask!”

  1. Hi do you apply the mask on wet or dry hair?

    • Hi Nicole,
      I would apply it on dry hair and wrap your head for about 20 minutes. Then rinse off with luke warm water.

      • Hey, I’m a teenager who was struggling with severe dry and dead hair. I admit it I straighten my hair all the time and use very harsh chemicals. I went on Google to search for a solution and ended up here. So all I have to say is THANK YOU very much. My hair is so much healthier and feels great. Because I already had so much dead ends I decided to cut my hair to the top of my shoulders. My friends compliment me a lot, i tell them my ‘secret’ and they all gag.

      • Hi Alexis,
        Wow that is great news! I am so glad it has done wonders to you. Hope you can try some more of my remedies. I love hearing how well they work for my readers.


  2. hi,
    i have curly wavy hairs, so will it take sometime to make hairs straight? if yes then for how long we should apply this hair mask regularly?

  3. Can we wash it with shampoo and conditioner afterwards?

  4. luke warm water…doesn’t it warm up the egg and leave it in?

  5. what do i do to keep it from making my hair oily

  6. can we apply this after applying the oil

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