Cutest Summer 2011 Trend!

What are heel condomsHi everyone,

Ever heard of heel condoms? I know it sounds weird but it’s the cutest most brilliant trend for your high heels! I am obsessed! They make great gifts and of course are perfect for traveling! All you need is one pair of shoes and a couple heel condoms and you are set to go! Heel Condoms was created by a 23 year old girl in Puerto Rico named Sandrysabel Ortiz.

She says,” Like all women, she wanted to fit her closet of shoes into her suitcase, that’s when Heel Condoms was born. She thought: “If we dress up, why not dress up our shoes?” Aside from making your shoes different, Heel Condoms protect the heel, hence the name “condom”. The name was chosen wisely to serve as a publicity stunt and have it be in everyone’s head, whether they loved it or hate it. We needed the name to be memorable and Heel Condoms is just that! Heel Condoms have been featured in different media outlets such as MSN, Yahoo, NBC, EFE, Caribbean Business, Perez Hilton, Glamour Magazine, InStyle Magazine, Hollyscoop, Huffington Post, among others.”

Check them out at:

what are heel condoms

feather high heels

Trends for high heels

High Heel Trends Heel Condoms


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